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Monday further solidified that legacy. The team was unable to come to terms with quarterback Kirk Cousins, which leaves him to play on the franchise cheap andreas brehme jersey tag for a second consecutive season. wholesale jerseys.A third season under the franchise tag would mean the team pays him $34 million (or $28 million under the transition tag), and that’s just not going to happen.No matter what happens moving forward, Cousins is going to become one of the highest paid quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Washington has botched this entire situation, helping lead him to future greener pastures.jerseys for sale.Then would come the situation that literally nobody in hockey, from the players to the owners to the fans, wants to see come to fruition: Referees would have to huddle around an iPad to make a judgment call over whether a team just won the Stanley Cup. Based on the precedent set over the past couple months, it would be almost impossible to guess which way they’d decide.cheap jerseys from china.

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“Playoff hockey,” as those around the sport call it because the rules literally change based on the stakes, is different in several ways. The intensity gets ratcheted up, and big names are often nursing injuries. cheap mlb jerseys.More than any other kind of hockey, it’s a war of attrition fostered by the league’s willingness to bend the rulebook in favor of physicality that goes beyond pushing the envelope.The postseason also means putting the game’s referees under the limelight constantly, and entering Game 1 between the Penguins and Predators on Monday (8 p.m. ET, NBC), there’s reason to wonder about what kind of impact they’ll have on who wins.custom jerseys.On the offensive end, there has been notable production from the first line, a combo of Cody Eakin, David Perron, and James Neal. They are providing the highest Corsi For percentage (CF%) as well as Corsi For Relative Percentage (CF% rel). Corsi refers to the percentage of total shots that are taken by a player’s respective team.The Golden Knights are producing high above 50% of shots when any of the trio is on the ice, together or apart. Their CF relative % shows how much better the team’s Corsi is with them on the ice versus when they are off, showing that Vegas is actually conceding more shots than they are taking when they are off the ice.nba jerseys sales.

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When you think about the Dodgers you think about that billowy script across the jersey front, the deep shade of azure that’s come to be known as Dodger Blue, and the distinctive red numerals on the front. cheap nfl jerseys.It wasn’t always that way, though. For a swath of their early history (back when they were known as the Brooklyn Superbas and Brooklyn Robins), they wore pinstripes. In 1910, they had vertical lettering on their jerseys. Then they were the first team to wear a checked pattern. In 1938, though, that changed. As Dodgers director of graphic design Ross Yoshida tells CBS Sports, when Larry MacPhail took over the struggling team in 1938, he commissioned a new uniform design. cheap authentic jerseys.Absent one innovative flourish (more on that in a moment), blue hats at home, and the whole Brooklyn/Los Angeles distinction, it’s pretty much the uniform you see, say, Clayton Kershaw’s wearing today. Here’s a look at the jersey .

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When the Astros moved into the infelicitously named Enron Field (now, of course, it’s Minute Maid Field), it was time for another reboot. As noted before in this space, the new ballpark in downtown Houston was very much yoked — physically and in spirit — to Union Station. McLane’s vision was to tie these uniforms to the new park. cheap nfl jerseys china.The red is brick red, a nod to the brickwork and Texas limestone of Enron Field. The black is train smoke — a tip of the cap to Union Station and Houston’s history as a railway hub. As Acosta also explained, “Red was the favorite color of our new owner [McLane].” Also, the team wore pinstripes for the first time. Not long after Jim Crane bought the Astros for a reported $680 million in 2011, it was time once again for changes. “One of the first things that was discussed internally was that we need orange and navy back, and we need the ‘H’ on the star,” Acosta said.cheap china jerseys.Acosta brought in samples from every past uniform, and pretty much everyone involved in the decision-making process — including a number of front-office types who hailed from Houston and grew up on the Astros — gravitated toward those first Astro uniforms — the Jimmy Wynn-era “shooting star” assemblage you saw above. wholesale nfl jerseys.

If it’s uniforms we’re talking, though, the Houston Astros will never live down making their players wear what’s been deemed the most polarizing jersey in Major League Baseball history. wholesale jerseys.In 1975, when no article of clothing — be it socks, shoes, or shirts — was safe from rainbow-stripe accents, the Astros made players wear jerseys striped with orange and yellow. And not just any shade of those hard-to-wear colors (unless you’re, say, Viola Davis), but shades of the snack-food variety. cheap football jerseys.Think Funyuns yellow and Cheetos orange. Even in the 1970s, a decade that gave us goldfish-bowl platforms, the players thought the new uniforms had to be a joke.

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Fanatics will also be able to make and sell “hot market” gear, items produced quickly around events that just happened. cheap nfl jerseys.For example, if a surprise player scores four goals in a game, Fanatics can quickly produce and sell a t-shirt referencing the achievement. (In football, an example would be a t-shirt showing New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman’s acrobatic catch in the Super Bowl last year.) cheap basketball jerseys.It will also be able to produce “name and number” products, which are exactly what it sounds like: t-shirts with a specific player’s name and number on the back.

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“When teams are hot, more often than not they’re running out of merchandise,” says Gertzog. cheap hockey jerseys.“With our capabilities, we can fill in unexpected demand really quickly. We understand that a lot of demand is unexpected, you don’t know which team will be hot and which players will be hot, so we have to be agile and nimble and ready to move. cheap jerseys.And frankly, it’s what the leagues and the major teams expect now.”

Any retailer can be prepared to stock copies of jerseys worn by superstars like New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. cheap nfl jerseys china.But Fanatics, America’s biggest online sports retailer, was able to respond to the sudden surge in demand for Hayne gear. How? Over the past three years, it’s quietly developed an analytics platform that crunches over 200 variables, including Twitter chatter, online advertising data, and sales stats, to figure out which players will become popular before the public catches on.”cheap mlb jerseys.Things happen so fast, so just the ability to react fast on the site and in an automated way” is vital, Matt Madrigal, Fanatics’ chief technology officer, said in an interview just before the start of the NFL season this past Thursday.custom jerseys.

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Baseball’s first professional team was founded in Cincinnati in 1869, 30 years after Abner Doubleday supposedly invented the game of baseball.Throwback Jerseys.The first few decades of professional baseball were characterized by rivalries between leagues and by players who often jumped from one team or league to another. The period before 1920 in baseball was known as the dead-ball era; players rarely hit home runs during this time. Baseball survived a conspiracy to fix the 1919 World Series, which came to be known as the Black Sox Scandal.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.The sport rose in popularity in the 1920s, and survived potential downturns during the Great Depression and World War II. Shortly after the war, baseball’s color barrier was broken by Jackie Robinson.

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Retro mode is pretty much a one-button mode, but with surprising depth, and all the new animations, gameplay additions, and improvements found in the regular version of the game.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.For example, in an effort to simplify the batter vs. pitcher battle, we’ve taken all the pitching attributes out and boiled them down to velocity, break, and control. Because there is no high and low in the strike zone, you have three pitches at your disposal that you can trigger with the touch of one button. To throw a fastball you hold down on the left analogue stick and press X. To throw a change-up you hold up on the left analogue stick and press X. And to throw a slider you press to the left or right on the left analogue stick after the pitch is released.One of the wrinkles we’ve added is that velocity is controlled by holding down or up on the analogue stick just before the pitcher releases.Cheap NFL Jerseys.In closing, you choose velocity before the pitch is thrown and you can affect movement (left or right) after the pitch is thrown.

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OAKLAND, Calif. — San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard reinjured his left ankle Sunday during the second half of the Spurs’ 113-111 loss to the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

He is expected to undergo an MRI.

“I don’t know. The game just ended,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said when asked about the injury postgame. “I don’t know what Kawhi’s status is. I know he got his foot stepped on again. So he hurt the same foot.”


After Kawhi Leonard limps off, Spurs fall to epic comeback in Golden State
The Spurs were rolling when Kawhi Leonard aggravated his ankle injury. Now they may be without their star after blowing a 25-point lead in Game 1.

Warriors take Game 1 behind largest conference finals comeback in 15 years
Down as many as 25 points, the Warriors — in conjunction with Kawhi Leonard’s injury — executed a historic rally past the Spurs in Game 1.

From any perspective, Warriors comeback was improbable and impressive
Once Kawhi Leonard went down, so many things changed for both teams, such that a comeback from 23 points down became possible.
The left ankle injury originally kept Leonard out of the Spurs’ clinching Game 6 victory over the Houston Rockets in their Western Conference semifinal series.

Then the forward tweaked the injury Sunday twice in a span of approximately five minutes; he stepped on the foot of teammate David Lee and then landed on the foot of Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, going down for the game.

“Just very painful,” Leonard said. “I tweaked it before, the last shot I shot. But it’s hard to tell right now. I definitely couldn’t go in that third quarter, with six minutes left.”

After taking a corner jumper, Leonard took a spill near the Spurs bench after landing on Pachulia’s foot with 7:54 left in the third quarter and San Antonio leading 76-55. Pachulia was whistled for a foul, and Leonard knocked down the ensuing free throws.

Leonard appeared to signal to the bench that he needed to leave the game in between his two foul shots. After Leonard connected on the free throws, Spurs athletic trainer Will Sevening walked onto the court, put an arm around the forward and escorted him to the locker room.

The club announced Leonard would not return to action.

“I just did what I was supposed to do and challenged his shot. I turned around, and there was a call,” Pachulia said. “I didn’t notice that he was down until I turned back, actually. So I didn’t see what happened there.”

Leonard dismissed the notion that his latest injury came as a result of dirty play on Pachulia’s part.

“Did he step under it? Like, on purpose?” Leonard asked. “No. He was contesting the shot. The shot clock was coming down. I’ll have to see the play.”

The Warriors, too, were asked about Pachulia’s play — and Kevin Durant defended his teammate.

“Zaza’s not a dirty player. You’ve got to time that perfectly if you want to hurt somebody,” Durant said. “We’re not that type of team. Kawhi’s an unbelievable player. We’ve got nothing but respect for him. We wish that he gets healthy. We just tried to contest a shot. Guys are playing hard. It was an unfortunate situation. I wish it didn’t happen, but I don’t think it was intentional. You can’t listen to people on Twitter; they’re irrational.”

At the time of his exit, Leonard had 26 points, eight rebounds and three assists, and the Spurs led 78-55. The Warriors went on an 18-0 run after Leonard left the game until LaMarcus Aldridge sank a jumper to snap the streak.

Leonard said he tuned in to the game from the locker room once Golden State had cut San Antonio’s lead to eight points.
Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard — who will have an MRI on his left ankle — doesn’t think Warriors center Zaza Pachulia was trying to intentionally injure him when he landed on Pachulia’s foot. Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images
“It was pretty tough, but I still had faith,” Leonard said. “They pulled out the last one in the fourth quarter when we were at home. So I just kept faith.”

Still, the Warriors ended up outscoring the Spurs 56-30 after Leonard’s departure.

Asked about Leonard leaving the game, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili called it “huge.”

“He means a lot to this team and we were doing really well, and when he went down, the Warriors were starting to pick up, to feel good about themselves, to increase the pressure on everybody else, and that’s when we struggled because we couldn’t have the guy that runs those plays and get them off their pressure. We struggled a lot without him, and it’s a tough break. He’s coming from an injury on the ankle and he tweaked it twice in the last minute he played, so we couldn’t react to his absence,” Ginobili said.

Leonard initially hurt his ankle in Game 5 of the conference semifinals against the Rockets on Tuesday.

A source told ESPN that Leonard could have played in Game 6 on Thursday night, but the Spurs decided they’d rather have him healthy for Sunday.

Leonard sat out much of the fourth quarter of Game 5 against Houston and didn’t take the court for overtime after he came down on the foot of James Harden while turning to run up the court with 5:37 left in the third quarter.

Leonard said his spirits are “good” after this latest setback.

The plan now is to “get back healthy,” Leonard said. “I have faith in my teammates, and we’re going to see what happens in Game 2.”

San Antonio could head into Game 2 without Leonard and starting point guard Tony Parker, who ruptured a quadriceps tendon in the conference semifinals. But inside the locker room, the team remained encouraged by the opportunity versus the Warriors.
“You obviously want to be as healthy as you can,” guard Patty Mills said. “I think the best thing that we can do is not get discouraged from that, and understand that we’ve still got an amazing opportunity with the guys that are able to go. I think we’ve done a decent job of not being discouraged. We can’t cry about it. It’s not gonna help us at all. We’ve got to dig deep, dig even deeper with the guys that we do have, find answers, play hard and play smart, especially here on the road. We’ve got the guys to be able to get the job done. We’ve just got to do it all together.”

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The Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers officially completed buyouts Monday with Jose Calderon and Andrew Bogut, respectively, and both players were released.

League sources told ESPN that Calderon is planning to sign with the Golden State Warriors provided he clears waivers Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET.
ESPN reported Sunday that the Cavs are the favorites to land Bogut after signing his former Mavericks teammate Deron Williams on Monday. David Zalubowski/AP Photo
Sources say Bogut, meanwhile, will speak to officials from the Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics before choosing his next team. He is also scheduled to clear waivers Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET.

ESPN reported Sunday that the Cavaliers are the favorites to land Bogut after signing the Australian big man’s former Dallas Mavericks teammate Deron Williams on Monday. Two Mavericks sources told ESPN’s Tim MacMahon that they expect Bogut to choose Cleveland after he talks to interested teams.


Sources: Bogut seeks 76ers exit to join Cavs
Andrew Bogut — recently traded from the Dallas Mavericks — is negotiating his release from the Philadelphia 76ers and seeks to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, sources told ESPN.
Because both Calderon and Bogut were waived before Wednesday, they retain playoff eligibility with their next team.

Also waived Monday were New York Knicks guard Brandon Jennings and Brooklyn Nets forward Luis Scola.

Some key figures within the Warriors’ organization preferred Jennings, but the process was already too far along with Calderon.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes contributed to this report.