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Eli Manning Ole Miss NCAA College Jersey

Spurrier was asked by a student why he hadn’t won against Eli Manning, who was at Ole Miss, after going undefeated against Tennessee’s Peyton Manning. His reaction drew some laughs from the crowd. (Spurrier was off to the NFL by the time Eli Manning had started any games against Florida and got back into college football after the younger Manning entered the draft). “Eli? When did I coach against Eli?”

9. Midway during the event, Spurrier was asked about former Florida linebacker James Bates’ impression of him: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it about a 3. He tries. I give him an A for effort.”

10. Asked about his favorite golf hole, Spurrier revealed that he has hit six hole-in-ones in his life – and he shared a detailed story about one he hit during his first year on the job in Gainesville. “I can’t pick all six, can I? I’ll pick the longest one. … National Signing Day was Feb. 10. It was Feb. 3, one week until Signing Day. … Here I am, I was playing golf a week before signing day. No coach does that. I said, ‘Boys, we’ve got to keep this quiet. If we don’t win here at Florida, it’ll be a big story.’”