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Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III is due to receive a $750,000 roster bonus on March 11 and the team isn’t saying at this point whether or not they will give it to him.

There’s no smokescreen from the Browns about their desire to find a long-term answer to their eternal need at starting quarterback and that quest will cover all avenues, so there wasn’t much need for coach Hue Jackson to delve into specifics about where the team might be looking for outside additions. He also didn’t give a hint about their thoughts regarding Griffin.

“Obviously, Robert’s on our roster right now,” Jackson said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “I think there are some things that he did well, some things he needs to continue to improve at and we’re going to keep working with him until we don’t. He’s one of the three quarterbacks on our football team right now, and I’m very fortunate we do have some guys under contract right now to work with. But we’ve got to continue to get him better as he moves forward.”

The roster bonus isn’t so onerous that the Browns would be limiting themselves from doing other things if they paid it while waiting to see how other things play out on the quarterback front.

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